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XBLIG Companion for Android devices has been released to the Google Play Store today. If you do not have access to the Google Play Store, there is a download link to get it from the developer that helped make this port happen. You can get it from the Google Play Store here, or from the developer here. The Android port was developed by a good friend over at Tokki Soft. Please follow @TokkiSoft to keep up with the latest news from Tokki Soft.

The build for iOS devices is currently stuck in the Apple’s Review Queue. It should be available on the iTunes Market later this month if nothing fails.

Please follow @EatStudios to keep up with the latest on the development of XBLIG Companion as well as other apps/games we are making! If you would love to see us add more features, don’t hesitate to drop a donation.

Some might be wondering what we have been up to. Well, not much that we can speak of. Except for this new app that will be hitting most mobile devices this year, starting with Windows Phone 7! As soon as it comes out of beta and hits the Windows Phone Marketplace, we will begin to port it over to iOS and Android.

What is this new app we speak of? It is none other than XBLIG Companion. This app allows you to browse the Xbox Indie Game service that is available on the Xbox 360 by Microsoft. Not only will it allow you browse the new releases and updated games, it has a section of hand picked games from reputable sources of the XBLIG Community, such as and  While viewing a game, you can read info about it, look at screen shots, watch youtube trailers if available, and even visit the MS Marketplace. From the MS Marketplace, you can sign in with your Live ID and queue up a game to download to your Xbox 360, or even purchase it right from your phone! 

The beta started, and will hopefully conclude by the end of February, upon which XBLIG Companion will be launched to the Windows Phone Marketplace! You can always find the latest info about XBLIG Companion here.