XBLIG Companion Released on Android and iOS!

Posted by ElementCy on September 10, 2012

XBLIG Companion for Android devices has been released to the Google Play Store today. If you do not have access to the Google Play Store, there is a…

Manic is Released!

Posted by ElementCy on April 28, 2011
Tagged: ManicWP7ReleasedXNA

Eleventy-Aught Twelve Studios is proud to announce that "Manic" has been relased for the WP7 devices. Manic is a fast paced game of skill that…

Manic Coming to a WP7 Near You

Posted by ElementCy on April 09, 2011
Tagged: ManicWP7XNA

Manic, a fast paced game filled with 6 mini games that bombards the player's fun gland, is coming to a Windows Phone 7 device near you! Manic is…