Manic is a fast paced game of skill that bombards the player’s fun gland with seconds of gameplay at a time! Each minigame you play has very simple objectives, and you only have seconds at a time to keep trying to not fail at those objectives. Each objective requires you to hone in on your skills of tilting, draging, and tapping. You must keep calm, and let your inner gamer flow thru you to master this game. If you do not, you might become another patient that Manic has claimed.

Manic comes in 2 flavors to tickle your fungland, a paid version called “Manic”, and a free, ad suplemented packed full of vitamins called “Manic: Patient.0”. You can download either version of the game directly off of the Microsoft Marketplace.

Direct likes that will load up your copy of Zune softare are as follows:

Version History


  • Fixed MediaPlayer issues if playing custom songs.
  • Fixed HighScores hanging issue if no internet is found.
  • Added Feedback, Ratings, and More Apps menu options in the Options Menu.
  • Added Volume slider for in game music.
  • Change the Game if just 1 sub game is left, it will not transition back to it, over and over.


  • Fixed Tip bug that caused some people to crash.
  • Updated Ad code in Patient.0 to work better.


  • Initial Release.